Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas GRAB BAGS!!

Hey all!

We put up our Fall Holidays Little Grab Bags on our website again!

Cute little grab bags of 10 untrimmed unmounted rubber stamps. All different, no repeats, high quality rubber stamps! And they're OH so much FUN!!

Each little grab bag comes chock FULL of surprises with 10 fall holiday themed stamps - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Creepy, Retro, Cool and Festive!! (What's pictured above won't be exactly what you'll get, that's just a sample pic.)

A $35-$45 value, for ONLY $6.29! What a great DEAL in this economy!

PLUS they're currently 10% off too! And so is EVERYTHING else on our site right now!

Check it out and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

We do so love this time of year!

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