Sunday, November 2, 2008

A few more customer Halloween Cards

I just had to post a few more of these adorable Halloween themed cards and ATCs before the Halloween weekend was up.
Here's a spooky ATC by our friend RINA of the blog STAMPA53. She used our Owl Border rubber stamp and masked it to split up the two owls. Cute huh?!? Great colors too. Check out her blog for more incredible rubber stamping!
This next card is by IKUE, a friend of Rina's. How creative to dress up our pin up girl in a Halloween cosutme! Awesome card IKUE!! Thanks for sharing it with us Rina!
And this card is by our friend Dana of the blog Kismet Art and Life. She made this a while back, but I've always liked it as a spooky/fun card for Halloween. She used our Bela Lugosi stamp, and it says, "Vincent's Plastic Surgery was a Sucess!".
Thanks for sharing it Dana!

All right.... On to the Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS cards and crafts!!
(I just LOVE this time of year!!!)
Have a great week everyone!!

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Rina said...

Hi, Jennifer:)
Thanks for your warm words for me & IKUE!
Ikue is very talented and her works are always really COOL!!

I love Dana's fun card, too! I must get Bela Lugos ASAP!!

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Wonderful Cards!

Enjoyed my visit here.

I will be back!
Thank you for sharing!



Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

Excellent cards, All the collection is very nice, Especially its designing and the color combination.
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